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      "Nature has taken care of everything in such a way that everywhere you'D find something to learn."

Leonardo da Vinci.

Questions to Rick Bieber (USA) about experiences with direct seeding technology

How water moves in soil | Rain simulator

Two causes of soil depletion

Cover crops - the path to balance

Soil cut at Rick Bieber's field

A systematic approach and work on bugs helps to solve problems

Carbon is key to profit

Allan Savory about desertification and animals

Wheat + Soy. Binary seeding

Joint sowing of buckwheat and phacelia in the fields of Boris Baschev

How to perform a quality seeding


This boring economy | Trip to Agro-Soyuz

Roller crimp terminating cereal rye cover crop & scouting a transitional organic soybean field

Roller Crimping Cereal Rye

Organic no till soybeans using Dawn ZRX rolller crimper


Organic Consultant Inc.: Crimp, Roll and Seed