Zhyva Nyva LLC

Zhyva nyva
 "Earth never returns without excess what it gets."

                               Mark T. Cicero  

We grow organic agricultural products with a traceable production process, with quality confirmed by international certificates.

    Zhyva Nyva LLC is a team of like-minded people, focused on the idea of responsible attitude to land and natural resources, with the knowledge, ability, material and technical resources necessary to produce products that comply with the strict rules of organic farming

  Experiments on organic No-till.

Experience in growing organic soybeans of Ukrainian selection "Soy Age"​​​​​​​

 "Shadows of forgotten ... cereals: who grows spelled in Ukraine." How "Zhyva Nyva" revives cultures that have lost popularity hundreds of years ago.

Anastasia Avramchuk, SuperAgronom.com